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Removing A False Ceiling For New Lighting - What To Expect

If your property has a false ceiling, you may decide to have this removed and install new lighting in the original ceiling.

The first hurdle to overcome is the dismantling of the false ceiling. Lifeline Electrical can deconstruct false ceilings and prevent damage to adjacent fittings and decorations.

Once the false ceiling has been removed, non compliant wiring, redundant lighting and unsightly markings on the ceiling may be uncovered.

Electrics above false ceiling
Redundant lighting, wiring violations and markings on ceiling above false ceiling.

Removing redundant lighting prior to the installation of new lighting is simple for Lifeline Electrical. If you are not happy with the aesthetics of the original ceiling, you may decide to employ a decorator. Lifeline Electrical can inspect the rest of your property upon request to identify wiring non compliant with regulations and make safe with remedial work.

You may want to reuse existing lights that were removed from the false ceiling. Lifeline Electrical can reinstall existing lighting where the fittings meet regulations. We can advise if you need specific lighting such as fire rated lights, and can help you select the correct lights to purchase.

Lifeline Electrical will professionally install your lighting, and leave the area clear for follow on contractors.

New lighting installed.
Lifeline Electrical - New lighting installed in ceiling.

If you require new lighting installed, please contact Lifeline Electrical for a quotation.


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